Thanks for visiting my official, revamped website! My new book - BODYGUARD LOCKDOWN - is available now on Amazon. For those of you following my Labyrinth series, published by Harlequin, this story centers on Dr. Sandra Haddad and Booker McKnight, two of my secondary characters from CAPTIVE OF THE DESERT KING.

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  Photo Courtesy of Stan Wong Photography

Bodyguard Lockdown

A mission to survive. A future to secure.

Dr. Sandra Haddad had created a serum that would change the world. In the right hands, it could heal the sick. In the wrong hands, kill millions. When she found herself in the crosshairs of a dangerous general with aspirations of world domination, she was given a bodyguard—Booker McKnight, the only man she'd ever loved and the last man she wants by her side.

McKnight was a soldier turned mercenary. Haunted by loss, he knew that protecting the doctor meant flirting with disaster. He needed her, but not in the way she believed—or wanted. Earning her trust would get them one step closer to completing this mission. But losing her again was unimaginable. And yet he had no choice but to tell her the truth: that using her as bait was their only option.